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Note to Self: get more post-it notes.

It's not easy being a writer. With no deadlines, even.

Dear Piece of Paper:
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Hello, you have reached the answering machine to Jaden und Verwelkt. Please leave a message and he will get back to you asap.

Welcome to my "answering machine" journal "To A Piece of Paper".

What is this about an "answering machine"?
You know when someone calls you and they don't pick up they can leave you a message? Well, this journal works the same way, except I'm using this to leave my reviewers on FF.net and FP.com messages. If they asked a question, for example, it's answered here.

That's it?
No, that's not it. It's basically a journal for my Fanfiction progress so the people on FF.net know I'm not dead. They can leave comments on something and I can answer them back. It's easier than FF.net's PM feature.

Let's say I posted an entry saying that I'm working on a Roy/Wolt fanfic, but I don't give them details or anything, other than it's a Roy/Wolt fic that I thought of at one in the morning. If they want more info, they comment, ask questions about it, or just say, "That's sounds neat."

This doesn't make sense.
Sure it does. The main concept is that I can keep track of my in progress fanfics better.

Post some snippets of in progress fics, please?
Not here. I post snippets of unfinished chapters and things on my writing journal martikaminna, but they're friends-locked due to the fact that they're incomplete and I don't want people plagiarising my stuff when it ain't done. You do realise it takes me forever to think of a story, right? Not that you should be plagiarising my stories, anyway. I find out; I have eyes everywhere.

What are you working on now?
Look in the journal.

You've been away for so long! Where are you?
If I'm going to be away, I'll post it here and in my bio on FF.net. Usually I'm either too lazy to post something or I'm bogged down with school work. Gimme time.

You're a slash writer yet I see no slash.
That will be remedied.

If you start writing FE slash, does that mean you won't write anymore FE het?
Nuuu. I couldn't bear not being able to write my precious Roy/Lilina.

I write FE slash; I just haven't posted any yet. You always see me posting FE het, though. XD. I'm working on another FE het story, don't worry.

Got a question? Just email me at theanarchist217@aim.com!