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Last updated: 07 December 2010

Discontinued - This story will no longer be updated.
Stalled - A story that will no longer be updated, but has not officially been declared as discontinued.
Temporary hiatus - Work on story has been halted temporarily due to other projects, but will be worked on again in the near future.
Indefinite hiatus - Work on story has been halted due to other projects, but future work on story is questioned. Maybe lead to stalled or discontinued stories.
Active - Story is being worked on.
Complete - Story is finished.
Upcoming - Story is being written, but isn't published yet.

~*~ Series ~*~
1. Melee Academy of Higher Learning for Boys [Super Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl] - On indefinite hiatus
i. Year One
Welcome to Melee Academy of Higher Learning for Boys, a school for the talented. Roy thought it was just another private school for the rich kids, but not everything is what it seems at first. Especially not Melee Academy, where nothing is normal.
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
ii. Year Four - The Final Year
The final installment in the series. Roy and Link, along with Marth, Ike, and the Twerp Quartet, try to survive the abnormal high school that is Melee Academy. Anything run by Tabuu has to be weird to begin with, but this school is anything but normal.
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve

For more info concerning this series, please see the appropriate tag.

2. Hana no You ni (Like a Flower) [Weiss Kreuz] - Upcoming
Follow Zephyr McTeigue, a girl with a special gift and yet is boring to the point of annoyance, as Schwarz is sent to retrieve her for Rosenkreuz simply because the Recruit Team ate some spoiled bratwurst. Watch as she makes her life difficult in Rosenkreuz and somehow end up in Japan. There's this girl, everyone, and though she thinks she's cool, she really isn't.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

3. Die durch die Hölle gehen (The Ones Going Through Hell) [Weiss Kreuz] - Upcoming
He was always considered the black sheep of the family, brought into the world and forced to carry his mother's shame and guilt. He was brought up to be the perfect son and one day take over the family law firm. They didn't expect to be thrown into Hell and have to crawl out of it, or at least die trying to escape it.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

4. Her Mother's Smile [Weiss Kreuz] - Upcoming
She was always told that she had her father's eyes and her mother's smile, her father's skill, and her mother's love of flowers. But there are some things Ayame doesn't know about her family, and a wrong turn in her life, throws her into the same path her father was forced into. There are some family secrets that should remain dead and buried, and Ayame accidentally unearthed one and can't kill it again.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

5. Ask Alice [Godchild] - Upcoming
Alice was warned to not go there, but did she listen? She never listened to anything her mother said. Now Alice has to pay the price. She finds herself at the home of one Lady Hargreaves with no recollection of how she got there or why it feels so familiar. Or why she looks in the mirror and sees eyes the colour of poison...

~*~ Oneshot Collections ~*~
1. For We Are the Beautiful Thieves [Weiss Kreuz] - Active
A collection of one shots for the mission insane challenge on LJ centered on Schwarz.
Master Table

~*~ Oneshots ~*~
1. Godchild
i. Takes place during the tower collapse in the last chapter of Godchild. Cain sits there brooding and Riff shows up after winning over his 'true' self. After he's all, "I will accompany you to Hell, Lord Cain," Cain shows his appreciation. NOT PR0NY.
ii. Riff and Cain must pretend to be a couple. This scenario does not go the way most would think. Who is that dashingly handsome man accompanied by that awe-inspiring eyed lady?

~*~ Requests ~*~
1. thenicochan
i. Resident Evil
* Claire meets Jill for the first time and finds Chris's girlfriend kinda cute... Meanwhile, Chris goes out for last minute Christmas shopping and bumps into his captain... Pre-RE1
ii. Gundam Wing
* Dorothy revels in chaos and Relena desires harmony. Dorothy will do as she must to have what she wants.

2. sarajayechan
i. Gundam Wing
* Relena and Zechs have a little sibling bonding after the so-called 'endless waltz' has been halted mid-step. Will I ever see you again?
ii. Slayers
* Lina and Amelia practising magic together. We need a target, Miss Lina!
Oh, I know exactly who'll do...
iii. Fire Emblem 6
* Eliwood and Ninian discuss the sheer stupidity of Lifetime movies. Well you can watch your stupid movies. I'll go bake cookies.

3. pillowfight
i. Godchild
* Cain needs guinea pigs to test his poisons, and what better than to test them on Mary's suitors?


Fic Requests Policy

I don't know about anyone else, but I like getting fanfiction requests--they let me know what my readers want to see more of, and I always try to fill the requests. The keyword there is 'try', because I am not a fanfiction writing machine (contrary to what seems to be popular belief), I do have a real life outside of fandom that always take priority, and I am not getting paid for my contributions to fandom. I do this in my spare time, for fun.

Fic requests may or may not be filled depending on the requestor--I always give priority to friends and regulars. What classifies as 'regular' is someone who regularly reviews my fics (for one fandom, across fandoms, or for one specific work) or reads them. Friends are people who I interact with on semi-daily basis, so people on my Livejournal friends list and the like. Having priority means that it's more likely your request will be filled, but that is not always the case. I try to fill everyone's!

When I ask for fic requests, I treat them like fic prompts, where you give me a character/group of characters/pairing and a situation. Be as vague or specific as you like! However, don't send me outlines and novels. If you have all these awesome ideas and even outlines, I'm sure you can write it yourself! So don't send me 'conditions' or 'guidelines' because the whole point of requesting things is so you can see my interpretation of a situation, not have me write your take on something.

Feel free to request anything from me--I have a wide variety of fandoms to choose from, and I have a master list of things I write and don't write for, linked conveniently on my FFN profile. You can request pairings I don't write, however I would suggest you don't since I probably won't write it due to not liking/supporting it. So, for example, you can request Eliwood/Lyndis, but chances are I won't write it because I don't see them romantically.

The worst thing that'll happen is I'll tell you I can't write it. It doesn't hurt to try, though!

Just remember that I am in no way obligated to fill your request.

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beautiful thieves and melee academy faq

so now that you have multiple archives for your 'fics, can we have a list?
Certainly! I've even updated my FFN profile to include all of them as 'authorised' places to house my works.

Most of my work (with some exceptions) is housed at my Fanfiction.net account.
All of my work is archived at [community profile] dearest_disclaimer, right here at DW.
Everything with the exception of my Zelda and Bandom fanfiction can be found at Dearest Disclaimer [LJ]
Eventually my Archive of Our Own account will have all of my recent, better written stuff.

Do you have any master lists?
I have one for Melee Academy since the 'universe' encompasses quite a few fanfictions. I also have one for my Mission Insane challenge, but that's because I'm required to have one.

Otherwise you can use the tags to navigate for a complete work. I always use my tags, more so I can find something again XD

Any headcanon reference material?
The stuff for Melee Academy can be found on its appropriate master list.

Here's the thing though: I don't like writing down my headcanon because it tends to change a lot, especially if I've seen different interpretations. For example, if I wrote Marth now, he'd be quasi-crazy after FE11 and That Game FE12, but a few years ago, that wasn't my headcanon.

A more recent example would be Weiss Kreuz fandom. I'm always changing my headcanon for Schwarz's pasts, mostly so it melds better.

I'm open to discussing it, though.

Do you keep Schuldig's past a secret on purpose?

In chapter 25 of Beautiful Thieves, who is the boy in the beginning? The one in the alley?
His name is Andreas, and he likes to be called 'Andy'.

Why is that bloody wall significant to Schuldig?
He says it's, "Just a reminder." The blood is from some little boy's head wound.

Did Schuldig know thhe little boy?
...I guess you could say that.

Yes I know I'm horrible for being cryptic.

Let me give this to you straight. The little boy in the alley? That's Schuldig. That was where the Finders (recruiters from Rosenkreuz) found him and, as you could probably guess from the story, took him to Rosenkreuz, and he didn't put up a fight mostly because his home life was circling the drain and he figured it'd be better than home.

So that woman at the end is his mother?

Will you have a fic that deals with all of this properly?
At some point. I still need to research stuff.

What canon are you using for your WK headcanon?
I managed to combine the manga and Kapitel together, keeping in mind that the manga was considered 'noncanonical' (like the Fire Emblem OAV is not canon). Then we have the drama CDs, and Gluehen, and... Stuff that I created myself. I write for Schwarz, so some of the stuff I'm given creative control over.

Where did Schuldig get his red hair from?
I can't be giving out all of my headcanon secrets now. You'll have to wait until Die durch die Hölle gehen comes out.

When will that be?
I have no idea D: I haven't even written anything for it really! Still researching and planning and figuring the timeline out.

Why yes there is a timeline. I have to figure out when things happen. I think I've got that pretty much mapped out.

What is Die durch die Hölle gehen about?
Weeeeeell. I would tell you, buuuuut... It's kinda integral to the plot that it remain secret until it's disclosed in the story. Make your own conclusions based off of the summary:
He was always considered the black sheep of the family, brought into the world and forced to carry his mother's shame and guilt. He was brought up to be the perfect son and one day take over the family law firm. They didn't expect to be thrown into Hell and have to crawl out of it, or at least die trying to escape it.

I absolutely love your characterization of Schuldig and Crawford!
That's not a question, but thanks! :D

When's the next update for Beautiful Thieves?
Uh, soon. When I have [community profile] dearest_disclaimer all set.

What kind of music does Schuldig listen to?
That's a good question. I have no idea. Probably has no preference towards anything, just as long as it's loud and obnoxious and bothers Crawford (and the neighbours). I've never been able to really pinpoint anything in particular as 'oh this is what Schuldig would listen to'.

Except maybe Queen. I don't know why.

And Crawford?
Probably something to calm his frayed nerves.

I know this is a weird question, but what 'voices' to hear when writing their dialogues?
The Japanese ones. So Crawford sounds like Treize Okiayu Ryoutarou and Schuldig sounds like Midorikawa Hikaru. Which means that goes for, uh, everyone.

So if I have Schuldig belt a line of 'Bohemian Rhapsody? Yeah, I hear his seiyuu.

Go on and picture that. For extra win, picture his seiyuu acting it out while singing.

Where do you get your fic titles from? Especially the German ones?
Songs/lyrics usually, but not always. The German ones are probably from Rammstein or Eisbrecher songs/lyrics.

What language do you have Schwarz speaking 'at home'?
German since they...all pretty much grew up in Rosenkreuz, with Nagi as the exception.

SO WHAT ABOUT MELEE ACADEMY? Is the series dead?
No. Hiatus =/= dead. It's not dead until I say it is.

When's chapter eight coming?
I don't know. I haven't worked on it in a while. Mostly because I decided to change a plot point to something else.

Which would be what?
Ha. Like I'd disclose secrets. It's pretty unexpected, I'll give you that much.

Is it Brad Crawford?

Is it a character you've introduced us to before?
Yes. He's present in the entire series, actually.

A canonical?
No. He's an original character.

When I manage to finish the chapter, you can see for yourself.

No wedding for Ike and Link? D:
They will have a wedding but I'm not writing it.

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To Do List - Writing Themes

['Cause let's face it--the original post was getting kind of long.]

Last updated 22 April 2008

Writing Themes:
1. Seduction [Sukisho! (Yoru/Ran)]
2. Don't Cry
3. Kiss - first draft 50% done [Fuuin no Tsurugi (Roy/Lilina)]/First Kiss [Rekka no Ken (Hector/Eliwood)]
4. War
5. Delusion [Fuuin no Tsurugi (Zephiel-centric)]
Read more...Collapse )

Halloween/Horror Themes: (multifandom)
1. Hanging
2. Fall from large height
3. multiple projectiles
4. Crucification
5. Multiple swords/lances
Read more...Collapse )
What specs/programs do you use for your fanfictions?
I use an HP G42-230US notebook to type, edit, and proofread my fics on (reason being a laptop's keyboard is easier on my carpal tunnel syndrome because the keys are flush with the surface). Programmes are Word 2010 (laptop) to type, edit, proof, etc. and Word 2003 (for converting it via macros to an LJ friendly format). I use a PNY 1gig flashdrive to transfer things between the two. I post using Semagic (LJ) and Firefox 3.6.8 or whatever the hell it is (not the latest version) for FFN.

aaaaand as far as inspiration goes, I use Winamp 5.56 because the newest version does not like my Media Library (desktop) and Windows Media Player (laptop). but who the hell cares why are you even asking me this crap.

Do you write your fics out by hand and then transfer them, or does everything start out on the computer?
Well, now that I have a portable computer, I type everything. Reason being my carpal tunnel syndrome sucks to the point where writing an address on an envelope is painful. But before Crawford (my laptop), I mostly wrote things out and then typed them up. I actually prefer typing because, for whatever reason, I'm more focused.

Are you ever going to write smut?
I have to for my one [community profile] mission_insane table. Actually I think the pounce!porn table has to have smut too. So that's...twenty fics.

Why don't you write smut, anyway? You're eighteen.
Hah, that's never stopped me--I wrote smut when I was ten, for Chrissakes. Not everyone writes smut. I like to read it.

I don't feel comfortable writing smut on my desktop. My desktop used to be my dad's and I inherited it when he died. It... It feels weird.

However, I have no qualms about it on my laptop. Probably because my laptop is, has, and always will be mine. I'm the only user on both, but. idk.

Besides, I've written sex in Melee Academy. I know that for a fact. Nothing smutty or anything, but nothing with Marth and Roy really, uh, is. At least, not how I imagine it.

Crawford and Schuldig, on the other hand...

When are you updating Melee Academy: Year Four?
Probably not for another month. Honestly? I have no idea what to put in chapter eight aside from the new plot point that I just introduced in chapter seven.

I demand you write and update MA: Year 4!
Excuse me? Unless I'm being paid (which I'm most certainly not), I'm not obligated to post, write, update, or have anything to do with fanfiction. It's a hobby for me, not my job. My novels are one thing, my fanfiction is another. I'm sorry you feel you are entitled to regular updates.

Besides, right now, I'm a little bored with Smash Brothers fandom. My pet right now is Weiss Kreuz. Granted, I don't have a huge readership in it (or maybe I do, who knows? I don't look at my stats often), but I don't care about that. I write because I want to. I'm not doing it as a favour or a service to you. I'm glad you like my fic and want to see more of it, but whinging and flaunting your entitlement complex in my face is not endearing yourself to me. It makes me less likely to write.

Now, you can either follow me from fandom to fandom, or you can sit there and wait patiently for the next update like everyone else does. The choice is yours.

When's Year Five coming out? It's past school starting time.
Year Five is coming out when I feel like posting it. I think that's fair for me to say. Besides, Year Four isn't even done yet. I'm not going to post two WIPs.

Why don't you write Weiss?
Because I...don't write Weiss? I am a Schwarz fangirl, more specifically I fangirl Schuldig and Crawford and I ship Crawford/Schuldig. I do like Weiss, but not as much as I love Schwarz.

I'm also an Aya fangirl, I like Yohji, Ken's all right and Omi's... Well. He has his moments I suppose. I like Weiss, but not as much as I love Schwarz. Or Aya.

Also, if I wrote Weiss, I'm afraid of how they'd turn out. Except for Aya. I can write Aya. Aya interests me.

Do you have a name for Schuldig?
Indeed I do. I never tell anyone what it is or reference it anywhere. When someone says it, I pull a Code Geass re: C.C.'s name. I have a name for Schuldig and so does that person over there, and that person, and the next.

And sometimes I change it. And no, it's not Christian, though I like that name (and prefer 'Kristian') and I loved "Sünde". I have three names that I like for him and I never mention them for this particular reason--I can't just choose one--and the reader might not agree with my choice. If I put, say, Richard (which is not one of my names) but someone likes the name John for him, that might pull them out of the story a bit.

Where does tht title 'for we are the beautiful thieves' come from
It is a lyric from AFI's song "Beautiful Thieves". The first time I heard it I thought, "Oh, this would be a great song for Schwarz." So there you go.

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Melee Academy FAQ Post #7

[NOTE: A lot of these were asked in a serious of IMs and PMs and emails.]

Read more...Collapse )</p>

Melee Academy FAQ Post #6

Yes, it really has been a long time since I did one of these.

You finally updated?!
Why yes, I did, even though this isn't a real question.

Why do you always tell us what month we're in at the beginning of each chapter or tell us how the seasons change or how the weather is?
I have a rule where (due to limited time) I give each month two chapters each, maybe more depending on if it's a special chapter, or less if I feel there's nothing exciting going on. So the description of the month and the seasons and weather is to show how much time has passed. That way no one is confused!

The only exception to this rule will be chapter five, because it happens the day after chapter four does.

Does Marth have committment issues?
Yes. Maybe. No. I don't know. Ask him.

I think the whole 'let's keep putting the wedding off' thing is due to him being anxious. That's all.

What actually happened with Ike? Did he run off with Elincia? Is he with Pit/Red?
Ike 'left' because I cut him out of the fic temporarily until I re-evaluated how I wrote him. Ike left Link for some unnamed guy. You can think of him as Soren or Boyd or whoever you want--I left that up to you.

What was with the wedding scene in chapter three?
Before you say it made no sense, I know. I did that on purpose.

Truth be told, it's actually Marth's dream, and I cut out a lot of the original scene so it was more of an "is this a dream or is this real?" scenario. That's why in chapter four Roy says something like, "All Marth said was no chapels with alcoves of trees." Notice how neither Link nor Roy recall the wedding ever occuring, and that's because it never did.

Since so many people sent me this question, I think I'll have to address it in chapter five a la an author's note at the beginning or end.

When will the wedding happen?
Chapter five. I promise. No interruptions. Well, I can't promise that there won't be interruptions, but they'll go on regardless.

So is Link single or not?
Having had most of chapter five written... Well, it's up in the air at the moment. I want one thing, but the story seems to want another. We'll just have to wait and see.

Is Zelda going to divorce Ganon?
She might. She might not. I'm not sure. Once again, you'll just have to wait and see.

Are you going to change Marth's appearance again?
To reflect FE12? Probably. For one thing, Marth is older looking and he looks even manlier. For another, I like his diadem design. I might make his hair a little lighter. Who knows.

Then again, the fic might be finished by then.

I have this great wedding song and I'd like you to use it
I have all the music picked out already. Sorry.

Why'd you go so long without updating?
A while ago I signed up for an honesty meme. It was completely anonymous obviously, so I have no idea who said it, but I got constructive criticism for Melee Academy. And of course I read it and weighed all the points and I took a good, hard look at my fic. I decided the anon was right and I was projecting maybe a little too much of myself into my work. It happens sometimes. They took snippets from chapters I hadn't yet posted, but posted in my LJ just to show my flist where I was in terms of writing it, and said, "Why would Character X do this? Is it because they would or because you would?" So I looked at it and decided that yeah, I need to re-evaluate the whole thing. (Character X was actually Ike in the snippet.) Never mind that half of the snippets critiqued were actually scrapped before hand because I didn't like how I characterised Ike. It was an eye-opening experience, to say the least. (I wish I got those types of reviews more often, over the "OMG THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!" stuff, but I'm in no position to complain about what reviews I get.)

So for a while I stopped because I wanted to create a lot of distance between it. I went so far as to leave the fandom (with the intention of maybe coming back). Around the same time, coincidentally, I found a new fandom by the name of Weiß Kreuz and I started writing for it. And I loved it--I still do--and spent all my time write, write, writing for it. I'm even doing my Mission Insane challenge for it (write 200 fics for one claim). So because I was busy with that, I had no thoughts in my head aside from Weiss.

And then I got a review for Year Four and I decided, "Hmm, I haven't touched this in a while." Since December, in fact. And I reread the entire thing. Then I opened chapter four, left unfinished on my computer, and rewrote some of it, later completing it at some odd hour of the morning. Then I posted it, brainstormed for chapter five, and started writing that.

So now you have the real reason why Ike left and why I went six months without an update.

Do you have any other bonus features?
Yes, I do. I'm going to have an out-takes thing. I keep all the scrapped pieces (that is, anything I take out) in the hopes that maybe they'll be useful for something one day.

There's probably other stuff too, but I can't think right now. I have exams tomorrow.

Will you do their college years?
No. Doing two years of high school was enough, three was pushing, and all four is something I have to push myself to do sometimes, though I must say I enjoy writing this series.

Doing their college years is pushing it to a point where I don't want to do it or have any desire to do it.

And then watch I will be brainstorming for college names. *sigh*

College is like high school except much more expensive, longer school days, and harder. And there's no PE. And you're dealing with adults.

This isn't to say I won't do one shots or something, but not a whole series.

How will this story end?
I have no idea, don't ask about the ending. I've barely got the middle together.

Current Stories & Current Plans

[Since the To Do List is what I may or may not get to, here's what's going down currently.]

[NOTE: All updates for these fics will be posted here, not in the To Do List. That is a list of what I hope to eventually write. This is a list of what I am going to write.]

Last updated 02 October 2008

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Last updated 23 February 2011

Fandoms I Write For
Weiß Kreuz/Weiss Kreuz
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Gundam Wing

Video Games
Fire Emblem - Akaneia/Archanea
Fire Emblem - Elibe

Fandoms I Used to Write For
Code Geass
Count Cain
Rurouni Kenshin
Super Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl
Resident Evil

Pairings I Write/Read
Code Geass
* Lelouch Lamperouge/Suzaku Kururugi
* Lelouch L./Schneizel
* Suzaku K./Nunnally L.

Gundam Wing
* 1xR [Heero/Relena]
* OS!6x1 [Zechs/Heero]
* 13x6 [Treize/Zechs]

* Sora/Sunao
* Yoru/Ran
* Shinichirou/Nanami
* Nagase/Ichikawa

Weiß Kreuz
* Crawford/Schuldig
* Ran Fujimiya/Aya Fujimiya [aka Fujimiyacest]
* Nagi/Tot
* Schuldig/Sylvia

Count Cain
* Cain/Riff

Rurouni Kenshin
* Kenshin/Kaoru
* Misao/Aoshi

Video Games
Super Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl
* Marth/Roy
* Samus/Falcon
* Link/Ike
* Link/Zelda

Resident Evil
* Leon/Ada
* Chris/Wesker

Fire Emblem


[Ankoku/Monshou/Shin Ankoku/Shin Monshou]
* Marth/Sheeda
* OS!Oguma/Sheeda
* Merric/Linde
* OS!Nina/Marth
* MyUnit/Katarina

Pairings I Don't WriteCollapse )

Yes, I said I was on a semi-hiatus--but notice that semi in front. That means I come and go. But enough about that. I've found my source of inspiration once again, my muse is cooperating, and I've been working on a lot of stuff. Nothing really works in progressy (so no, nothing on Year Four) because I don't really count one shot collections as "WIPs".

Here's what I'm working on so far:
Shades of the Exiled: Fight [FE11]
Shades of the Exiled: Last Hope [FE11]
Shades of the Exiled: Workaholic [FE11]
Shades of the Exiled: Revenge [FE11]

Don't Trust Me [Weiß Kreuz]
White Noise [Weiß Kreuz]

Feuer zu Asche...: Cupid's Kiss [SSBM] Requested by roflmort
Feuer zu Asche...: Breathe in Deeply, Don't Look Down (Rollercoaster) [SSBM] Requested by NearTheEnd
Feuer zu Asche...: This isn't Gonna Turn into Drunken Karaoke, is It? (Karaoke) [SSBM] Requested by NearTheEnd
Feuer zu Asche...: The Lines are There for a Reason! (Coloring outside the lines) [SSBM] Requested by NearTheEnd
Feuer zu Asche...: That wasn't a Dream, that was a Nightmare! (Strange dream) [SSBM] Requested by Caohime
Feuer zu Asche...: Can We Keep Him? Please? (Pet) [SSBM] Requested by Caohime

Normally you don't have to have read any of my other works to understand something (unless it's the Melee Academy series, but since Year One isn't done, the only required reading is Year Two and Year Three to understand Year Four. But that makes sense), but for Cupid's Kiss (which is really long for a one shot, I think), I'd suggest reading up to at least chapter five of Year Two since that's where the scene is from.

Basically, the requester wanted to know how Marth and Roy fell in love. If you've read chapter five of Year Two, you'd know that Marth and Roy shared a kiss during a talent show rehearsal and it skyrocketed from there.

Well, I'm redoing the scene. Well, maybe 'redoing' is a bad way to phrase it. 'Revising' it might be better because I'm adding things that weren't there before, and I'm rewriting the original scene.

And no, don't adjust your monitor. You do see a new fandom on that list. I write for Weiss Kreuz now, specifically Schwarz and even more specifically, Crawford and Schuldig.

As for Year Four... I believe I have chapter four typed up and part of chapter five. Yeah, I haven't worked on it in, uh, forever. I'm really busy with school so.

I am working on another novelisation never mind the fact that I haven't finished The War yet for FEDS. I have stuff written for it, but nothing published because, well, you know how I operate.

and yes I realise I never posted that Gundam Wing WIP I was working on. Well, actually I posted it to deardisclaimer, but not to FFN. And I never really wrote much of that Code Geass WIP either. But I have lots and lots and lots of stuff written for Call to Arms. I'm waiting to hit at least ten chapters before I start posting.


Note to Self: deadlines suck
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